10 Essential Gears for a Photographer on Tour

01The Photography is an arts but it requires some scientific skills as well. We use many gadgets to make our photography which are inventions of the science and vision of human like machines including the camera itself, lenses, batteries, etc. When you are on a tour, you must take care of all of your basic needs because a good photographer would not like to miss any adventurous moment and like to capture all with his camera. Here are ten important gears; a photographer must carry with him while on tour;

1.    Internet Facility:

If you plan to move on some tour for photography, you should take help from the internet prior leaving your home. This practice will help you to know more about the location and its best parts from where you can hope to het the rare and beautiful photographs to capture. The internet will bring you picture demonstration of all places in the world. So, you move prepared.


2.    Big Sufficient Backup Facility:

It is must. You should keep sufficient memory inside the camera itself and many external disks to keep your backup. The high quality pictures come in big MBs and require more space to be stored.

3.    Good Quality Camera:

The camera should be good quality. You can take guidance from the nearby expert photographer; share him what type of photographs you desire to take and place you are going to photograph. The good quality camera is also must because the view should be clear and it is fast.

4.    A Map:

The map will guide you when you are away from the city in faraway areas, alone or with friends. They will help you not to get wonder here and there. The maps work as your leading partner while on journey.



You must have some extra lenses with different capacities so that you have opportunity to capture all landscapes and scenes. The lenses may be “prime” or “zoom”, depending upon your choice and preference.

6.    Tripods:

The photography is not so easy and it takes time to set / balance your camera. You may not want to move our camera and desire to take steady photos. The tripod with legs is going to assist you in this matter. You can set camera on it and then just press the flash button.

7.    Filters:

Filters are important because they minimize the effects of sharp rays of the sun and the sky looks so blue that you are going to love it. The effects of sun rays on the landscaping have no impact thereon.

8.    Remote Shutters:

It takes concentration while setting the camera on some particular scene and you will not desire that something should disturb the position of our camera. The remote shutters help you to capture photos without touching any button of the camera that helps capturing of pictures wonderfully.


9.    Weather Protection Covers:

You cannot expect weather would be friendly for you the whole journey. It may change into heavy rain storm and your camera is not safe under such conditions. The situation may be worst sometimes, you need to keep them away from the sun heat as well. You must have a bag of plastic cover to protect your camera from weather.

10.  Laptop and Card Reader:

The laptop helps you to edit the pictures and the extra photos may be deleted. Therefore, the external hard disk is available with sufficient space. You can also enjoy watching your photography on laptop. This is possible when you have card readers with you as well.


Hey there! Photography is an art of recording amazing and beautiful images for you and coming generations. Not only this, your photography represents the people and things that hold great importance for you. Through photography you can express yourself;

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