5 Things To Consider When Packing Photography Equipment For Your Tour

Generally, going on a tour with your luggage can be a bit of a distress if wrongly done. If you are good at preparing for travels then this can be a quick brush for you, but for most photographers this still remains the worst part of a tour.

Here are 5 tips that you should consider while packing your photography equipment:

1.    Padding

Photography equipment is quite expensive and you never know the amount of pounding that your bag is going to take while on the tour. It is therefore advised that you either have a bag that is well padded or put some of your clothing like socks and underwear together with your equipment which should act as a pad. Always remember that accidences due occur and you don’t want to have broken equipment if your bag happens to tumble down onto a concrete floor.


2.    Laptop bag

Any photographer definitely has a laptop for their work, and if you are boarding a plane, some airlines have restrictions of carrying laptop bags as a carry-on. A quick fix for this is to remove the straps of your laptop bag and hold it onto you and voila, it becomes a personal item. Therefore, always have a small low profile laptop bag that you can easily be converted.

3.    Know the limits

To avoid having to get into trouble with airport authorities it is advised that you know the limits for carry-on bags. This will allow you to know exactly how to stuff your bag, and the important items that you need to have on your carry-on bag while your check the rest. It also advisable not to overstuff your bag especially since you’re trying to fit everything on to your carry-on bag. Overstuffing your bag only brings more problems when it comes to stowing your bag in the overhead bin.  For you to avoid overstuffing, you can avoid filling up the exterior pockets of your bag (you can always put them to use when you get to your destination).

4.    User manual

This is an interesting addition to the list but it resonates with the recent heightened security measures that have been a feature of most airports nowadays. There are certain photography equipment that can be quite intimidating at the check point and can take you some time to resolve. It is therefore advised that you carry a user manual (of course not for all equipment, just those that might seem intimidating). It will be easier trying to explain its use that way.

Items in suitcase on bed.

Items in suitcase on bed.

5.    Insuring your equipment

You can never prepare for everything that can occur during your tour. There are cases where you might be forced to check equipment aboard a plane and this can make you quite uneasy during the whole flight. It is therefore advised to take up some form of insurance coverage for your equipment and especially if you expect to be on tour for quite some time.

Keeping these 5 tips in mind, packing your equipment will not be a daunting task as was before and you can sit back and enjoy the sights on your travel.


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