Best Luggage for Traveling Photographers

If you’re traveling and get to take pictures, you’re pretty much living the dream so congratulations! However, if you’re traveling with the wrong luggage, you’re probably going to break your camera at some point, which is going to really screw with your traveling photographer vibe. To avoid this catastrophe, try these tips for packing your photography equipment in your luggage!


Don’t Check It Out

Whatever you do, for the love of all things holy, do not check your camera or lenses. If you want to break them, sure, go ahead. But if you want to keep using them and enjoying them, carry them with you at all times. Bring your nice camera bag (you know, the one we told you to invest in) and keep it with you at all times. Even carry it like a baby until you have to pass it through security. Ask them to treat it like a baby, too, if you want to get frisked. Only pack those things that are not fragile, or can easily be replaced in case things go missing (like they always do).

Buy a Nice Suitcase

Once you’ve gotten through the airports and don’t need to worry about your suitcase getting thrown around, you’re going to want to store your camera and other equipment in your suitcase to make it easier to carry around. If you want, there are tons of photographer suitcases to check out on Amazon, or you can just make sure you guy a super nice, hardcase suitcase that can also fit your camera bag inside of it. Don’t overpack your clothes for this reason alone; you’ll need room for the essentials – your camera and its accessories!

Pack Lightly

If you want to forego the whole checked suitcase and buying a $400 hard case roller, you can opt for the other option: packing lightly. This means you only carry your personal bag (probably your camera bag) and a light carry-on. This is what we do, and we find that it’s the best method for travel because it means we aren’t hindered by our massive suitcases and we’re always aware of our things at all times. To do this, make sure you pack clothes that have multiple uses, and you wear the things that take up the most space in your carry on. This also means that you have to be picky about the camera accessories you bring, so don’t bring 4 cameras and all of their lenses. Pick the best of each, and only bring what you need for your shoots. You’ll never miss the other stuff (we don’t promise that, but it’s worth a try).


If you really want to find specific photographer luggage and accessories, check out Google Shopping or Amazon and just search for “suitcases for photographers.” You’ll find plenty of options in a range of prices and styles. This isn’t one of those times to “budget pack” and use your 800 year old backpack or grandma’s suitcase. Invest in this so that you can travel without worry!


Hey there! Photography is an art of recording amazing and beautiful images for you and coming generations. Not only this, your photography represents the people and things that hold great importance for you. Through photography you can express yourself;

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