Essential Gear for the Fashionista Photographer

Just because you’re lugging around your weight in camera gear doesn’t mean you want to look like a pack mule, does it? No way! So instead of wearing your workout gear and duct taping your old backpack back together, try some of these tips for looking great while taking even greater pictures!

Ditch the Ugly Tennis Shoes

No, you’re not 85 and living in a nursing home. Ditch the old “no-name” brand shoes, no matter how comfortable you say they are. There ARE more comfortable shoes out there, and guess what? You can invest a couple bucks into them because they are part of your work gear! Heck, they may even be tax-deductible, who knows? Pick a pair or two that are designed for wherever you take the most pictures; off-road hiking boots, or a nice pair of leather boots for weddings or fancy affairs.


Buy the Dang Camera Bag Already

Of course, you probably own the camera bag that comes in the box – that ugly old one that looks like your 4th grade lunch box, am I right? But guess what? It’s 2016 and you can actually find cute ones that look great and have even more storage than those “in the box”monstrosities. Look on Pinterest, Etsy, or even a local camera shop. You never know where you’ll find a properly-padded and outfitted bag just perfect for all your gear. Again, don’t be afraid to invest a few bucks in this – it’s not like a purse you change out every day.

Comfortable (and Cute!) Neckstrap

Obviously a nice camera comes with the lovely branded neck strap you see every tourist in the world sporting. Do you want to be mistaken for a tourist, or do you want to be taken as the serious photographer you are? Obviously you wanted to be taken seriously, so go buy the cute polka neck strap you were eyeing! Make sure that it’s padded, reliable (read the reviews!), and sturdy. You don’t want your cute, polka dot neck strap to suddenly snap and drop your life (I mean camera) on the ground.


Professional and Appropriate Clothes

If you’re a wedding photographer, don’t show up looking like you’re going on a jungle safari, and don’t show up for a jungle safari in your wedding dress. Find clothes that fit your photography, and make sure you invest in highly quality ones that you can wear for multiple occasions, despite the weather, season, or terrain. This is probably the hardest part for photographers because you think, “Well, I’m behind the camera!” Yeah, but the other people are not, and the image you project is important for continuing to provide great photographs in the future.

Remember: This is your job, so you should dress the part and have the right attire. You don’t expect someone to carry their $2,000 laptop under their arm with no protection, right? And you don’t expect a repairman to carry his tools instead of use a tool belt, right? Dress. The. Part!


Hey there! Photography is an art of recording amazing and beautiful images for you and coming generations. Not only this, your photography represents the people and things that hold great importance for you. Through photography you can express yourself;

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