Laptop and Camera Bags: A Review

Are you hoping to find a one-and-done bag that can fit your camera, equipment, and your laptop, too? Are you having a heck of a time finding something that can do both? Well, so did we, which is why we wrote this blog so that we could help you out!

Here’s our review of the 4 bags we think will work best for you!


HEX DSLR Camera Bag

This is like the Rolls Royce of laptop camera bag combos. It fits pretty much everything you need, and has this nifty full zip feature. You can essentially unzip it all the way in the front and fit your laptop in or out without ever need to unzip the part of the bag that holds the camera. It is a backpack, so it has great support straps, back cushions, and tons of pockets for all your goodies. A little bit expensive, but so worth it!

Ona Brixton Laptop Camera Bag

This attractive piece of work is great for the stylist photographer, whether male or female. It fits up to a 13” laptop and three (yes three!) lenses with camera in there. It has a nice handle hold in case you get sick of side-strapping it, and has padding on all sides to protect the goods. It comes in a variety of colors, has full close zippers, magnetic strap locks, and different compartments for your computer and camera. Plenty of room in pockets on the front for your phone, keys, wallet, and more!

Tenba Messenger Series: Daypack Laptop Camera Bag

This is a great bag for the person who want an outdoorsy, tough looking bag that can also be used in a number of settings. While this doesn’t look quite as professional as the other two options, it’s great for the traveling photographer as it has so many pockets, clasps, and safety features. It’s incredibly comfortable, and fits a 15” laptop, a camera, and 3 lenses. It also has side and front zippers for other equipment, and specific compartments for each piece so you don’t have to worry about anything jostling on your back. We love this backpack, especially for travelers and students!


Jo Totes Missy Camera Bag

This is for the fashionista out there who doesn’t want an ugly bag to hold their laptop and camera. It’s especially nice if you need a dressy bag for a special event, like a wedding or meetup with a client. It fits a 13” laptop and a DSLR camera with lens. It also has tons of pockets for keys, wallets, and even a small notebook or two. While not as spacious as the other ones, it’s discreetly large for a handbag, and holds everything you’ll need!

For the best deals, we recommend shopping for these bags (or similar ones) online. It’s easier to find something you like, and you can read actual reviews to make sure it’s definitely some you want to invest in! These are not cheap, but they’re so worth it!


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