Packing Tips For Photographers On Tour

One of the most cumbersome things that photographers have to bear with is going on a tour with their equipment. Most of the time photographers usually find themselves in a dilemma of what equipment to carry and what to leave and how to go along carrying them while travelling. This is even made much harder with the strict airline (if you are flying) regulations that have started to come in effect.

All in all, touring with your camera gear is a dreaded ordeal among many photographers and here are some tips on how to survive through the whole tour (and have some fun while at it.

Essentials, essentials, essentials!

I hope that is stressed out enough. It is always advisable that you only pack the gear that you will be using in your project. A lot of photographers usually carry more gear in the hope that they may come in handy; which is a sway idea until you end up not using that extra gear. Also, with a bag that contains only the essential gear, you are bound to find what it is you are looking for in the shortest time possible.


Proper organization

It is advisable to organize your equipment in your bag in the best manner possible. This will allow you to save on space and also to easily check your inventory on the go when you are heading to your destination or going back home. As a result you will be capable of keeping a track of each piece of equipment and know when they get misplaced or lost.

Clothing finish

After you’ve put in the equipment that you intend to use, you can fill in the empty spaces with clothes (and try not to damage sensitive equipment while at it). Placing clothes in the extra spaces creates some form of padding for your equipment. More than likely you will have to have another extra back for your clothes and personal essentials, so you can pad your equipment bag using items such as socks.

Avoid packing in the pockets on the exterior of the bag

If you are travelling by airline (or bus), it is advisable that you skip packing in the exterior pockets. I know this may be a surprise considering that the exterior pockets are the perfect place to stack a small part of the equipment; however, it will help when trying to stow your bag in overhead bins. Using these pockets will enlarge the back disproportionally and make it quite difficult to fit overhead.


Wear equipment or ask a companion

Camera equipment isn’t quite cheap and neither is it light. You may find yourself carrying equipment that exceeds weight restrictions with the carrier that you are boarding, hence it is advisable that you carry some of the gear like camera lenses on you (e.g. putting it your jacket or hanging them on your neck). If you have a companion who is travelling light, you can redistribute the weight on to their luggage and then get your luggage back once you’ve got to your destination.

With these 5 tips, packing equipment in your bag will never be such a hustle again.


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