What stuff do you keep with you for photography?

I have made myself a bag that always travels with me no matter where ever I am heading to. I have enough items in it to click a hundred dollar imagery with these equipment. I will share a list with you regarding what I have in my bag essentially;

  1. DSLR
  2. Camera Lenses
  3. Tripod + Remote
  4. External Flashlight
  5. White Balance Cards
  6. Eye-Fi Cards
  7. Battery Grips
  8. Filters
  9. Batteries
  10. Reflectors, etc.

These are the things that are essentially a part of my photography bag. Not only this, all of my equipment is of the best quality and that is best suited with my DSLR. I have shortlisted some of the items accordingly to serve the purpose.

Do you ever get tired of photography?

Hahaha! Literally I ask this question to my own self many times that why I don’t even get tired of this which mean I never get tired of photography. You can think of my love to photography as blood in my veins; as blood never stops running in veins likewise I never get tired of this. Even I have had enough work for that day and feeling hell sleepy but if after getting home I saw moonlight waves from my window, I will rather get up from my bed and go out to capture this imagery than sleeping. So, you can have an idea that why would I ever feel tired of such a hobby.

What do you photography generally?

It really is an interesting question. Well, I photography every scene that appears pleasing to my sight and whatever scene I feel like priceless. All I meant is that be it a sunset scene at the beach or rain drop falling on the roadside or snow at my roof top or a beautiful baby with colored eyes or some ice cream parlor with exquisite decoration or a city view from building top, so anything. All that matters is that I must picture it in an extraordinary way so that when I watch it again or show it to someone I must feel proud that I managed to click it so elegantly and with some accurate precisions.

Why do you love photography?

The honest reason for loving photography is that I can keep images of the people and things that holds great importance for me. Apart from this, I am able to express myself through photography which means I can express my feelings and emotions or I can portray my thoughts by clicking the images that depict my thoughts, and so on. Secondly there is no limit to what I can do with photography; I can click images and then beautify them using Photoshop and can earn through it and that is what I am planning to do in near future. So this is it, I love photography and that love is inexpressible.