Why You Need to Invest in More Than Just Your Camera

You’re probably thinking that photography is all about the camera and a few other essentials, and the rest is all up to you. Right? Well, not so much. As it turns out, your camera is only as good as the bag you have protecting it from the elements, and your bag is only as good as the strap you carry on your shoulder. You also have to consider the elements of luggage and software and cords and everything else that you need to get your camera where it needs to go to take the pictures you want it to take. Not as easy as buying a camera, now is it? There are a few other things that you really need to invest in before you can call yourself a real photographer.


The Best Bag Ever

Camera bags are not cheap. Not cheap. We understand, and we also understand the temptation to just use the bag that comes with your camera in the big box you purchased from the store or online. Resist temptation! While these bags are excellent in the meantime, they are not a standalone protection from the elements; they really need an upgrade. There are so many dozens of great brands of camera bags out there, and some are really stinking cute. Spend some time researching bags, and pick one that is just slightly outrageously priced in your opinion. Of course, read the reviews and make sure that you’re finding a brand that is well-known for protecting your precious.

The Tripod

Obviously, you want a tripod, but will that $30 flimsy piece of work you ordered off Amazon really do the trick? Heck to the no! You need a reliable, sturdy, well-made tripod that will protect your camera the second you step away, not send it crashing to the earth. Again, find great reviews, buy the ones that work with your camera brand, and do not try to save money on the tripod. They’re more affordable than you think, but they’re also not as cheap as you want them to be. Just pay the money up front and you’ll never have to replace it (or your camera).


The Lenses

Your camera is probably great, and I’m mean really great, but it’s nothing compared to what it can be with a really awesome lens. Lenses can sometimes be more expensive than the camera, which is hard to swallow, but have you seen the pictures these lenses shoot? Don’t waste time bickering with yourself on this one. Protecting your camera is the most important thing, but then after that, enhancing it will return you such great value. We could go on and on forever about the types of lenses to buy, but do your research and figure out what you want from a lens. You’ll never regret buying an upgrade!

Obviously, being a photographer can be a pricey hobby and lifestyle, but you’re good at it and this is going to (hopefully) make you money.


Hey there! Photography is an art of recording amazing and beautiful images for you and coming generations. Not only this, your photography represents the people and things that hold great importance for you. Through photography you can express yourself;

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